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Business Week - Blogs Will Change Your BusinessWhen the phenomenon of blogs first started, they were simply a way for people to post their personal thoughts on the web, like an online diary. Blogs were bulky, had little features and were difficult to incorporate into a business. The few pioneers in the industry knew from the beginning however, that blogs would explode into the most effective form of communication on the web. These days, you can’t escape blogs if you spend any time online at all. Along the way, blogs emerged as an effective business tool and the media began to acknowledge the profound effect they’re having on the way we do business.

Countless articles have been written about the astounding effect blogs have had on business. Many chronicle the story of a small business with an innovative product that was picked up by bloggers and spread across the blogosphere in a matter of hours, resulting in an enormous buzz that led to extensive financial benefits. Businesses have been built on blogs, some emerging in a few days just through this aspect of utilizing blogs and viral marketing to get the word out.  This article highlights one of those stories.

Advertising With A Business Blog

Advertising with a BlogThere are many advantages to advertising with a business blog in today’s competitive online marketplace.

For one, blogs carry more weight with search engines because they are updated regularly with fresh, informative content. This consistently updated information is a magnet for search engine robots. When these bots crawl blogs, the more information that can be found and indexed the better. Blogs add more and more content as they develop, thus helping that information reach more customers. The users finding blogs online are typically very targetted visitors, having searched for a specific keyword found in the blog to end up there. The owners of these blogs are also advertising their sites all over the internet and participating in the very active blog community.

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Client TestimonialWhere do I begin? Your consultant phoned me on Feb.28/08 and gave me advice on all kinds of different things I could do to market my website better. He mentioned Blog, Press Release and many other things, but those 2 things I remember the most. My brother and I both talked about it and decided that we would give him a chance to show us what he could do for us. That was the best thing we ever did because you get to meet some great people which help with the Blog and putting the Press Release together. The Biggest thing that happened to us is when you published the Press Release not even a week on-line already I was getting phone calls from MTV Movie Awards & Living in Style. iePlexus helped me get where I am in 1 month of marketing. Isn’t that Awesome!!!

Marina Friesen

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What Your Customers Want

Online ShoppingGetting inside the head of an e-commerce shopper can be a daunting task. There are many variables when it comes to the question of conversions; including product cost, professionalism of your website, shipping factors, payment options and much more. With the rise of e-commerce comes increased competition. Don’t think that your customers won’t search out your exact same product on your competitors site to find the lowest cost. With seemingly endless availability, how can you ensure your business gets the attention and the customers it needs to survive?

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Client TestimonialJust wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much we appreciate the attention we are getting to date. Excellent all the way around. We especially appreciate the very regular and timely communication. This tells us that you appreciate our sense of urgency and respect our business.

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Ryan, Donnie and Eric

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Embracing Web 2.0 Marketing

Web 2.0 ButtonWith the constant expansion and evolution of the web, new trends develop almost daily. The new buzz is all about Web 2.0, a concept that is quoted often, but doesn’t have a concrete definition. For those of us who dive into the internet in our daily lives, it’s something we can’t avoid, even if everyone explains it a little differently. For our purposes, Web 2.0 is the advancement of the web, the progression from single, isolated websites to a vast expansion of connected applications and services. Websites like Flickr, MySpace, Digg and LinkedIn embody the idea and fundamentals of Web 2.0 – they’re not just websites, but communities; networks of users collaborating for the end goal of improving and categorizing the endless amount of information on the web. We now have the opportunity to use the internet as a platform for connection, and the concept of Web 2.0 enables that. Keep in mind this isn’t limited to social-oriented websites, business and application based sites are just as affected, and they’re embracing the new changes for the potential they hold.

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I’ll admit I was a little nervous talking to your writer about the information in my press release. His mannerism soon calmed me down and made it very easy to complete. He is truly a great writer.

Your blogger on the writing about my products did much better than I could have possibly done. It was as if this was her site that she was writing about, and put a lot of thought and heart into it.

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Terry M.

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Why Blogs Get More Hits Than Websites

Google Blog SearchThe major search engines strive to find fresh, informative content to keep their users coming back. Blogs meet this need because they are updated on a regular basis, they are full of content relating to a particular or broad range of topics, and they are very search engine friendly.

Often times, your business blog will be found through the search engines before your actual website. Take any popular keyword and type it into Google. The majority of sites that appear at the top of the lists will be sites containing a wealth of information about that topic, not just sites selling similar products. Search engines are looking for content before anything else. Write good content on your blog, on a regular basis, and not only will search engines reward your work, but other people will link to your site naturally.

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Client TestimonialThank you so much for setting up my blog. It is fantastic! You have made this so easy and fun! I can see that we are going to be working together for a long time.


Mike Worthley
Press Release

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