Google Sites Makes Site Building Much Easier

00-google-sites-homepage1Last month, we told you about Yahoo shutting down Geocities.  Google has not wasted any time taking advantage of their free Web hosting site.  With Google Sites, you are able to create a simple web page for your company, classroom, or even just your family.  They also allow you to embed any pictures, videos or other documents you want.

Google had been getting a bit of criticism for the lack of features.  So, Google has taken the constructive criticism and turned it into something “A Whole Lot Prettier” according to Mashable’s Stan Schroeder.

Google announced Tuesday that they have constructed a template gallery for Google Sites.  What this means is that the already user-friendly site just got a whole lot simpler.  Let’s say you were to create a new site.  You would be able to select a pre-made template and then customize it to your needs from there.  The company has ready published a number of templates for schools, weddings, churches, families, clubs, and restaurants along with several other themes.

Eventually, you’d have your own customized template, and you’d be able to take your new created template and submit it for the template gallery for others to use.  Google says it takes just a matter of minutes and four easy steps to submit your site to the gallery.

The public template gallery is open for anyone to contribute templates, and we look forward to seeing what you create and submit. Do you have a great wedding site that you think other couples would use or have you built a club website that everyone loves? Follow these steps to submit your template to the gallery:

  1. Open up the site you want to add to the gallery. Note: the site must be published and you must be an owner to submit the site.
  2. Select ‘More actions’, ‘Manage site,’ ‘General’, and chose ‘Publish this site as a template.’
  3. Choose a template name, a category, enter a description and click ‘Submit template.’
  4. Your site template will appear in the gallery for everyone to see within hours.

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