‘Your Jeans Store’ Denotes iePlexus Web Marketing as Wise Spending

No matter her age, size or preferred taste in clothing, every woman is familiar with the struggle to find the perfect-fitting jeans. While some consider this notion a fairytale and others believe it’s about attainable as a four-leaf clover, nearly all women – even those who have stumbled upon occasional luck – share the frustration of chasing this dream.

“I had never heard of Not Your Daughter’s Jeans and then, one day, a friend who lives in Australia called me up to see if I could find her a pair and ship them overseas,” said Lee Ann Singleton.

It was the summer of 2008 and, although Singleton discovered she wasn’t able to grant this wish due to international distribution laws (specific to the brand), the request did spark a curiosity that led her to purchase a pair of her own to find out what, exactly, made them worth all the trouble to track down.

“Before I was introduced to NYDJ, I had to try on every pair of jeans prior to purchasing them because my size seemed to vary from store to store. But after slipping into my first pair of NYDJ, I was enlightened by the exhilarating reality that: Jeans can fit!” Singleton said.

Just a few weeks later, Singleton decided to transform her newfound success with these miracle jeans into an online business,to share the secret of comfortable, slimming and easy-fit jeans with women nationwide.

Available in boot cut, straight leg and Capri styles, which also accommodate petite and plus sizes, NYDJ provide the perfect fit for every woman. Each pair of jeans allows the fabric to stretch and breathe with a combination of spandex (2% to 4%) and cotton (96% to 98%).

Most recently, Singleton introduced Lucky and Jag jeans to her website’s selection as well as a brand-new collection of Lucky jeans for men. Shoppers are also encouraged to check out site’s special-order program, which allows customers to request any style of jeans (that are not offered on the site) manufactured by the brands she already distributes; special orders usually take up to four weeks to process and ship out.

About one year after launching her website, Singleton partnered with iePlexus to develop an interactive business blog,  designed to enhance her Google search rankings. Today, she has obtained page one search rankings for several of her keywords.

“The financing options available at iePlexus were attractive and the services package I selected was undoubtedly better and cheaper than the $350 a month I was spending on pay-per-click advertising with Google and Yahoo,” Singleton said.

Today, Singleton enjoys all of the extra free time she’s been granted since teaming with iePlexus. It’s nice to know someone professional is watching over your business, she explained; rather than hoping I’m doing everything right as I try to figure out all the details on my own.

“As a web entrepreneur, I’ve had to watch where every dollar was going to stay afloat; teaming with iePlexus has most definitely been a wise use of my money,” Singleton said.

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