Google Meets Life

As if Google hadn’t already completely revolutionized how we use the internet, it had to take it one step further. The latest news surrounding the uber-search engine is an announcement that they have recently partnered with Life magazine.

And what does this new partnership mean for eager searchers? About 10 million of Life’s archived images available by keyword search. The project holds special significance considering the fact that the vast majority (somewhere around 97%) of the photographs have never been previously released to the public.

The massive undertaking required that all of these images be scanned and catalogued into one database. The images range from 1750 to present day, and the end result is one of the most comprehensive and impressive collections of online photographs to date.

The project is actually still in its earliest stages, so make sure to check back often. The collection will be constantly updated until all 10 million images are available. Tailoring the project to a worldwide audience, the keywords have already been translated into sixteen separate languages.

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