Yahoo Connects With Facebook To Gain Users

blogYahoo, the second most popular search engine behind Google, is trying to gain some momentum.  Yahoo announced today that the company would be integrating  the popular social networking site, Facebook to the search engine. 

Yahoo has rolled out Facebook Connect on a number of its sites in hopes more Facebook users will use Yahoo to share items with the 350 million other users on the networking site.  Facebook is also likely to see an increase in users with the new integration.  Yahoo Mail, News, Sports, along with several other Yahoo sections, will connect with Facebook, allowing users to leave comment, share stories, and check out what their friends are posting from their news feed. 

While you are able to use the Facebook Connect feature right now on Yahoo’s homepage, the company plans on rolling out all the new features in the early part of 2010. Jim Stoneham, VP of Communities for Yahoo, said in a statement today that, “as the place where over 500 million people visit every month, Yahoo!’s goal is to bring together social experiences from across the web, and provide one place for people to access information and stay in touch with the people they care about most.”

Stoneham finished off by saying, “we are doing this as part of our commitment to deliver more personally relevant Internet experiences.”

This should be a positive step for Yahoo, which has been trying to integrate social media in various ways for quite some time.  Whether it will help the company beat Google, is still in question, but regardless its a great step towards keeping up with the times.

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