Do Businesses Need Twitter?

twitterTwitter has by far become a great marketing and advertising tool for businesses around the world. By offering exclusive deals, or being able to help solve an issue nearly immediately, the use of the social network has been a success, but it is for everyone? Do you need Twitter to keep your business afloat it’s today’s technology friendly and social networking world?

Matt Bailey from SiteLogic told WebProNews reporter Abby Johnson, “No.” And while many have has success with Twitter, Bailey says that “you need to have a consistent marketing strategy of how to use that social media to your benefit.”

He continued to say that many businesses don’t know why they are using Twitter and other social media sites, other than the fact that a marketer told them they need to.  However, once companies start using social media, many aren’t sure what to be posting on their pages. “If you are using Twitter & Facebook to send people back to your site, is your site even working,” asked Bailey. “I see so many people asking me ‘how much time should i put into Twitter? How much time should I put into Facebook.’ And I have to wonder how much time have you put into your website. Is it working? Is it converting people? Is your message consistent?”

However, once companies figure social media out, they can be very successful. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be Twitter.  “That’s why some companies are excelling because of YouTube their message is perfect for a YouTube audience. I gave the example of Dell on Twitter. It’s the perfect outlet for their tech support people to be aware of problems that are immediate. Twitter is more of immediacy type of what’s going on right now. If that’s not part of your message, then I would say find something else that’s a little bit more tune to your message. Yes, you can use it, but I would focus on the social media that’s really going to allow you to really hit a home run when you use it.”

Bailey explains that Twitter is a lot now and immediacy. Unfortunatly, since posts have to be kept in under 140 characters, it’s missing a lot of context.  However, depending on your strategy goals, Twitter could be perfect for you.   At least for now. 

Social media is constantly changing and shifting.  Just a few years ago, MySpace was the leading social media site, however, now it is over looks with Facebook & Twitter dominating the leader board.  So what’s “in” right now may not be “in” next year.

However, Twitter grew more than ever in the past year and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  Just a few weeks ago, Twitter co-founder predicted to soon have a billion search quieres a day!


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