Traveling Through Time With Location Based Technologies

It’s been a slow week across the social media and search engine world.  Most of the online hype has been about the iPad, which came out over the weekend.  Other than that, nothing. has been doing a great job of keeping their readers entertained with social media news with a few infographics.  Yesterday, I shared one of those with you, comparing Facebook’s American population to the actual countries population.  Today, I decided to share with you “The History of Location Technology.”

I’ve been all about location based social networks lately, such as FourSquare, GoWalla, & Loopt.  But who knew? Location based technology has been around for thousands of years starting with smoke signals.  While today, we are just a bit more advanced than smoke signals, the accuracy seems to get better, while the difficulty to use location based technologies have gotten easier to use. 

Take a look at the graph below and let us know where you see “Location Technology” going in the future.

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