Twitter is First to Support Emoji 5.0 and Provide Users with Newest Emoji

emojiPeople going logging onto Twitter will find some great new emoji now that Twitter has added support for Emoji 5.0 to their platform. By adding support for these, Twitter gave its users access to a wide selection of brand new emoji including many that allow for different skin tones or even different genders. The update also included many highly anticipated emoji that people are already beginning to use on Twitter.


When Emoji 5.0 was released just a week ago, most people expected that the new emoji would not be usable anywhere for a long while. Twitter proved these people wrong by quickly adding support for the new emoji and allowing users to begin using these different types of emoji this week. Twitter users are now able to use 69 unique emoji that are brand new as well as many duplicates that feature different skin tone variations. Already many people have been having fun using all the different emoji that are available.


There has been some initial disappointment so far since these different types of emoji are not currently usable anywhere other than within a web browser. Various operating systems and applications need to be updated to add support for the brand new emoji as well before users will be able to view these emoji and start using them from their iOS or Android devices. Some sources believe that updates will be coming soon, so it is possible that Twitter users won’t have to wait long before they start seeing these emoji on their phones.


The new emoji include a wide range of highly anticipated emoji including “star struck”, “woman with headscarf”, “face with monocle”, and more. Users will also be able to finally use flag emoji for England, Scotland, and Wales. There are also going to be some mythical creature emoji including merpeople, vampires, fairies, and zombies.  Once the emoji are more widely supported, users of Twitter are likely to start seeing more and more of these being used within tweets.

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