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The Interplay Between Website Design And SEO

Great website design and SEO are closely connected and they naturally have an effect on each other. Making sure that your website design and SEO efforts are working closely together is important for ensuring that you are making the most of every chance that your website has to rank in the search engines.


Many business owners don’t realize just how closely web design and SEO are connected. They might spend a lot of time building a beautiful website with pages that aren’t being indexed at all by the search engines, leaving them practically useless, or they may decide to revamp their website, not realizing that they are deleting SEO value that they took years to build. They may not think to carefully examine what to keep during a rebuild to avoid this.


Getting a website built with good SEO design from the beginning is really helpful in order to avoid some of these common pitfalls. One of the most important things to consider is the experience of the person shopping on your website. Search engines want to keep a good reputation with people using them by listing the most helpful websites towards the top when someone is searching for something. Naturally, websites that are easy to navigate, websites that keep people on their pages for longer periods of time, and have a good amount of social sharing get rewarded by the search engines. Ensuring you have this kind of a website design will help you be rewarded by the search engines.


Another important factor to consider is that search engines use links to discover what is on your website. If you have broken links on your website or links that are too hard to find, this will really affect the ability of your website pages to rank. Most of the time, making your website well-organized and easy to go through for customers will make it easy for the search engines to navigate it at the same time. Using good categories, subcategories, and prioritizing your keywords will help both your customers and the search engines have a great experience.


Keeping the interplay between website design and SEO in mind is essential in making sure your website has the best chances of success. Getting a professional website built using a platform that was designed with SEO in mind is a great way to set yourself up. You can explore WooCommerce web design, for example, that gives you excellent opportunities for creativity and SEO. One you have the right platform, you can focus on website design that works well with your SEO efforts.

Be The Caring Friend, Not The Pushy Salesperson With Video Marketing

The bells have been rung, the relatives have shuffled in and out of the house, the carols have been sung, the decorations have been put away or have stayed up in hopes of keeping that festive mood going into the new year. You are now back to reality and looking at the new year from a fresh perspective and probably taking a hard look at your finances, your business ventures, and all of your other endeavors. You may have started an online business or are hoping to breathe some new life into your current online store. Whatever the case, taking a solid look at the best marketing strategies for the new year is a great way to get back to business.


You may have tried different marketing strategies for your online store in the past year and you are probably curious about the best strategies for the fresh start that you now have. One strategy has been clearly effective in the past year and is only blowing up even more and that strategy is video marketing. Taking a hard look at the benefits of video marketing for your online business is definitely worth it for numerous reasons.


Video marketing has many powers to make your online store way more attractive to customers. There have been many studies done on the way that video captures attention, for example. People don’t want to have to make their way through a long page of text or yet another pushy e-mail. A video is a much more interesting way to present your services or products as the customer’s friend rather than their salesperson. Establishing an emotional connection is another powerful reason to use video marketing. Even really good copy rarely makes people tear up, but there is something about watching a video that makes people instantly relate to your business. Videos make people laugh or cry much more easily than text.


Of course, getting your website noticed by the search engines is super important, and video really wins there. Video is great for organic website traffic, as it has been known to increase the number of people linking back to your website, drive more website visits, and higher click-through rates. People also tend to view videos as very valuable and they often will pay more for your services and share more details about themselves when you use video. It makes your business appear more professional and like something worth looking into.


As you are looking back on last year’s successes and maybe a few disappointments, I would encourage you to explore the benefits of video marketing as an important part of your revamped marketing strategy.

SEO Advertising Services Are Like Investing In A Solid Exercise Routine

Wrapping your mind around search engine optimization and why it’s so effective for an online business can be difficult, so let’s use an exercise analogy. Most people agree that the key is consistency when wanting to get real results from an exercise routine. If you don’t work out regularly but decide to do a hard workout once in a while, you may get fast calorie-burning results for that time but no real fitness results or muscle built in the long run. The same goes for SEO. Implementing short-term marketing strategies that are not organic SEO strategies may get you some results quickly, but in the long run, you are not really setting your website up for success or building your website “muscle” power.


To look into this further, let’s say your goal is to be able to easily jog a four-mile long uphill path, or in SEO terms, your goal may be to get regular sales and profit. When doing the run for the first few times, you may find yourself not being able to do more than a short uphill stretch before getting completely out of breath. The same way, when starting an SEO strategy, you may not see a lot of results in the beginning. However, if you keep up the efforts when doing your run, pushing yourself as hard as you can, over time, you will be able to do a longer and longer uphill stretch before being out of energy. If you keep up your SEO efforts, pushing your site into the search engines, your website will start to rank. When doing the run consistently, your body will become stronger and more suited to this kind of exercise and you will eventually have the fitness you need to do the whole run with relative ease. The same way, when implementing SEO consistently, your website will become more and more suited for search engine success and eventually your site will have the targeted traffic or “muscle” it needs for sales and profit.


With the consistency in the workout, you have built the muscle and fitness it takes to conquer a tough uphill run. Since you built that solid muscle over time, you will not easily lose these fitness results, and have put yourself in a position to become even more fit if you decide to reach harder fitness goals, like doing the run at a faster pace. The same goes for SEO. With consistency in your SEO strategy, you have built the audience and high ranking your website needs and will not easily lose that position. You will only be in the position to then reach even bigger goals. Some also compare investing in SEO to things like investing in real estate – the benefits can be remarkable when you are doing it the right way.


SEO is an investment that over time helps get your online business in front of tons of people, and in front of the people who will be interested in what you are offering. SEO helps your website to rank higher in the search engines. For example, you can get your website onto page one of Google, where most people are clicking and shopping. If people looking for your products are seeing your website on the first page of their Google search results, you are likely to get tons of traffic and sales.


SEO becomes even more effective when combined into a great marketing mix. For example, integrating SEO with social media advertising and video marketing will help your audience to grow exponentially and will help you get your results even faster. Depending on your budget, you can choose a more or less aggressive SEO strategy for your business. Ultimately, it’s up to you as the business owner to decide what kind of strategy is right. A more aggressive strategy may cost more, but it also may help you reach your growth targets and financial goals in half the time. Just like a more intense exercise regimen may take more sacrifice, but it will take you less time to be able to jog four miles uphill.


Turning your website into a sales all-star is within reach when implementing a solid SEO strategy. Of course, there are a lot of external factors that influence your success potential as well. Doing some pre-SEO research to be sure that you have chosen a market that has enough interest and a market that gives you a good chance of overpowering your competition is a good idea. With that being said, implementing a quality SEO advertising services program will help you gain more and more traffic over time, eventually leading to sales and success. It is important to remember that SEO is an investment, that is meant to work over time, but will deliver long-term success if done right. Just like an exercise routine is an investment, meant to work over time, but will deliver long-term fitness results if done right.

Video Advertising Is Bringing Content’s Reign As King To An End

Most of us know the term “content is king,” used by marketers and SEO specialists everywhere. The value of content to produce marketing results and to drive the internet as we know it has been undeniable. We create content for customers and internet-browsers alike to digest and indulge in. We have created search engines like Google that are totally based on exploring and discovering content.


In recent times, there has been a new kind of content that has emerged and is quickly becoming the new king of the internet. It is video marketing and it has been an even better way to engage people online and to convert them into paying customers. The rise of video is making its mark and it seems that the future looks very video-friendly, as video popularity is not expected to end anytime soon.


In e-commerce, video is becoming increasingly important, as even Facebook has recently added a new metric that allows advertisers to create better videos in the future by seeing how many people click through to their websites and apps. Facebook took notice of the popularity of videos a long time ago, and has been incorporating them on their platform more and more.


Online video advertising has been a proven great strategy to use. Companies that have taken advantage of video marketing have seen 41% more organic traffic, while landing pages that feature a video have 80% more conversions. Not only that, but videos are great for retaining information. People tend to retain 95% of the information found in a video but only 10% of information found in text. Lastly, people want more videos, as 43% of them are hoping that marketers will use videos more in the future. Considering this information, it looks like video’s reign as king is only beginning.

Google’s Personalized Searches Could Change Rankings

ecsegar09Last week, Google rolled out an additional feature in its  personalized search results, which is based on your experience on the search engine.  This feature has been slowly rolled out to users signed into their Google Accounts.  An example Google likes to give is, searching for recipes. Lets say you simply search “recipes” and have clicked on a number of times.  Google will start ranking their site higher the next time you search for recipes.  It’s as easy as that.

It is a nice feature to have, but as previously stated, the feature was only available for users who were signed into their Google accounts and had their web history enabled.  That’s changing now and anyone using Google will be able to use the feature, even if you don’t have a Google account.  (more…)

Search News Recap 12.12

As we approach the holidays, search engines are getting more attention than usual. I think this time of year sparks more interest in the topic because of the prevalence of online shopping, and the significant power and sway search engines hold over the economic fate of many e-commerce based businesses. With these business owners relying on organic, paid and social media avenues to drive conversions to their websites, everyone wants to know how to get the most out of their search engine exposure, and how to do this for a nice profit margin. This week I’m going to be talking about the interesting organic vs. paid listings debate, updates to Google’s SearchWiki, and the emergence of Google’s beta-less browser, Chrome.

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