Pepsi To Drop Super Bowl & Use Social Media

pepsiThere is always that age old question, why do people watch the Super Bowl?  Many watch for the game itself, while others just tune in for the half time show.  And others tune in just for the commercials.  Commerial airtime during the Super Bowl is always   the most expensive time for advertisers to advertise since it is the most viewed event on television.  One commercial you don’t see in the next Super Bowl, Pepsi. 

The company has announced they will not be making a commercial for the 2010 Super Bowl, instead they will focus on a $20 million social media advertising campaign.  ABC News reports that the company will launch the Pepsi Refresh Project on January 13, where online users can submit ideas to help ‘refresh their communities to make a better world.’

ABC News also reports, “Some industries including automotive in recent years have made the decision to cut broadcast spending in favor of greater spending on the Internet and social media. According to a recent survey conducted by Forrester Research, more than 50 percent of marketers are increasing their spending in social media. Advertisers view social media as important because online they can seek out people who have an affinity for the brand and engage them in a meaningful discourse that lasts longer than 30 seconds. Many times these people pass along information to their friends. Online tools give marketers the ability to track the ‘pass alongs.'”

Pepsi’s major competition, Coca-Cola has not yet made a decision in whether or not they will advertise during the Super Bowl, which will air on Sunday, February 7 on CBS.

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