Social Media in Plain English

The folks over at Common Craft have put together a new video that explains social media titled “Social Media in Plain English”. This one features a town that has a serious love of ice cream and the how the residents embrace the fundamentals of social media to everyone’s benefit. You might remember Common Craft from their video explanations of Social Bookmarking and Social Networking. They’ve also covered topics like RSS, Blogs, Podcasting and even Zombies.

The videos themselves are great explanations of complex topics. I’ve heard the “I get it now!” exclamation many times after directing a friend or colleague to one of these videos. Admittedly so, Web 2.0 has introduced a new landscape of terminology and applications that will take a little while for complete adoption by the typical user community, so I think these videos provide a great translation medium. Take a look:


  • Matthew Castro

    Nice find! Social media is probably the best marketing tool for any online business owner, and this video proves it!

    How do you market with social media? Any tips, tricks, or strats?

  • Kris

    Thanks for the input, Matthew. Social Media is not, as you know, the typical marketing approach – you’re meeting potential customers on their ground, so it’s important to tread lightly. I recommend using methods like social bookmarking, social networking and business blogs to first establish a presence, without pushing a product. It’s more valuable to be a resource for the information. Once you’ve established yourself, it’s natural that people will trust your credibility and engines will pick up the links. Use it effectively, and you’ve got visibility for the length of your business.


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