iePlexus Social Media News Brief: April 9, 2010


Are China & Google getting friendly?  What the country did this week, that’s confusing everyone.  Then how many American’s are really using social media? We’ll take a look at the astonishing numbers.  And a few viral videos captured our attention this week, we’ll take a look at a few of them on iePlexus Social Media News Brief for today Friday, April 09, 2010.

We start with a bit of news out of China.  On Wednesday evening, the nation fooled everyone as it unlocked Google Mobile searches, a feature which had been blocked for some time.  And once again on Thursday, the feature was blocked again.  Many suspected that things were clearing up between China & Google but it looks like it may have just been an error.  No word from China or Google on the matter.

And this week, several new reports on how much we actually use social networking sites.  The most recent survey from Arbitron and Edison Research say 48% of American’s aged 12 and older have at least one social media profile, that’s up from 24% back in 2008.  The study found that the use of social networking sites is not just for the young. 78 percent of teens and 77 percent of 18 to 24 year olds have at least one profile pages, while 65 percent of those 25 to 34 and 51% of 35 to 44 year olds also have profile pages. The study found that 30 percent of Americans who have a profile on at least one social networking site, visit them “several times a day” compared to only 18 percent a year ago at this time. And for the first time, more Americans say the Internet is “most essential” to their lives when given a choice along with television, radio, and newspapers. Forty-two percent said the Internet was the “most essential,” while 37 percent chose television, 14 percent chose radio, and 5 percent chose newspapers.

Several viral videos have been making their way across the web this week, and they all seem to have one simple theme: music. We start off with Carlos Whittiker and his family were driving around and were filming his kids as the song Single Ladies from Beyonce came on.  Carlos’ three year old son Losiah started jamming out and Carlos simply told him he was not a single lady.  Things didn’t go so well. Let’s take a look.

We now turn to a YouTube artist known as DeStorm.  And he was given the challenge to write and sing a song by singing only with the letters, numbers and other keys on the keyboard, it’s quiet a challenge. Lets take a look. 


And finally Diane Birch’s official music video to Valentino came out last month and has stumped many.  The video is all done in one shot, as Birch goes behind and in front of a projection screen, as she coordinates on with what is or isn’t going on, on the screen. Take a look at this.  It’s amazing.

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