About Us

Here at iePlexus, we take great pride in helping online businesses reach their goals by providing them with the necessary tools for a successful web presence. Our approach is very simple: Provide top-quality services and support, and our work will speak for itself. To design our strategy, we’ve done some extensive research into the most effective forms of internet marketing. We have over 12 years of experience in various marketing disciplines, including search engine optimization and search engine marketing, content writing, paid advertising and affiliate marketing.

In 2005, we incorporated and developed a business plan to provide something different than what other marketing companies were offering, something that would allow our clients access to the emerging concept of Web 2.0 in an affordable and practical way.

Our focus is definitely on our clients, and we have an excellent client satisfaction and retention rate. We know that it’s not one approach that will enable them to be successful, but instead a comprehensive combination of factors, including their overall visibility and credibility as a company. We strive to provide these components while keeping constant communication on our progress and results. Although our programs are extremely cogent, we know that’s not the only aspect when it comes to considering a company to hire; as equally important is their track record, technique, support system and knowledge. Take the time to get to know us, browse our website and read our blog. You’ll find iePlexus is a leader in Web 2.0 marketing technology and will continue to deliver what our clients expect; results.

We’re no strangers to internet marketing. Our consultants, technicians and customer service staff have been hand-picked from the top minds in the industry to ensure our clients get the best, most knowledgeable support for their campaign. We know that our success is directly related to our clients’ success, so we’ll often go above and beyond the typical scope of our work to make sure we meet our clients’ needs. Along with implementing our services, we will continue to provide in-depth support for all phases of the operation for as long as is needed. Learn more about us by visiting our profiles on the Social Networks page.

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