Your Own iPhone App: There’s An App For That

ieplexusphoneIt seems that there’s an app for just about everything.  Whether you are looking to play a game, trying to keep track of your finances, search the latest trends in the social media world, or even make new friends, there’s an app for it.   And with several apps profiting in the 7 digit range, everyone is trying to create an app for something or another. But actually building an app takes time and money, unless you have the skills of an advanced developer.  But now anyone can create an app for a pretty affordable option.

A service known as AppMakr launched this week, and promises to help you create an application for iTunes.  That means parts of your website could be turned into an application for iPods & iPhones alike.  Sharing news, your Twitter feed, video blogs, and just about anything else you can think of could now be part of your very own app.

For an reasonably low price of $199, you won’t have to wait weeks for Apple to approve your app because AppMakr will be your publisher.  That also means you won’t have to work on codes to figure out app certifications.  You’ll also be able to get your money back by placing ad’s in the app, and best of all you can choose what ads you want displayed. 

Now if you wanted to pay $499, AppMakr will let you control the precess by creating an Apple Developer Account and using your own certificates with AppMakr.  However, that’s for more serious developers. 

This tiny investment could be extremely helpful for small business owners and bloggers, who want to to expand and get more recognition.  The company says that you can have your very own app in less than 27 seconds.

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  • iphone developer

    In the future I bet more companies will come out that are able to automatically create even more dynamic apps for small businesses. Cant wait!


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