More Blogs = More Customers

blog_logo1Hubspot released an interesting survey Thursday, which stated that companies who blog more, have more consistent sales.  The survey consisted of 231 professionals who were either involved or familiar with their companies marketing strategy and plan. 

According to the report, “social media and blogs are becoming marketing powerhouses.  They are the fastest growing category in lead generation budgets and they continue to be ranked as the lowest cost lead- generation channel.”

Many companies question if blogs and social media sites actually work and can acquire customers.  “The answer is ‘YES!’,” the survey said.   



The survey also shows that the rate of customer acquisition declines steadily with the rate of blog posting. 100% of respondents who blog multiple times a day have generated a customer from their blog compared to 90% of respondents who blog daily and 69% of respondents who blog two or three times a week.

The graph below represents how important certain factors are to business marketing plans.  Roughly 85% of those polled this year find that blogging is useful.  That’s the most important category over all according to the survey, while MySpace only is supported by 10% of the businesses in their marketing plan.


The full report from the survey can be found here.

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