Blogging Statistics Indicate Adolescents Don’t Dominate Social Media

Although the notion of blogging strikes many people as an activity of an adolescent demographic, a recent report conducted by Sysomos, an accredited research company, proves otherwise. According to the study, more than half of these web-based voices – a whopping 53.3 percent – are between the ages of 21 and 35.

While this statistic may not come as a colossal announcement – in fact, the adolescent demographic (20 years old and younger) came in second at 20.2 percent – the pieces fit together in knowing that the first-place bracket was exposed to the “blog boom” during their adolescence, which started up about seven years ago, according to Sysomos.

Trailing behind in second place by 0.8 percent was the age group 36 to 50 years old at 19.4 percent, and rounding out the poll in last place were those age 51 and up at 7.1 percent.

After reviewing more than 120 million blog posts for data, Sysomos reported that “The demographics – including age, gender, location – are based on self-disclosed information. For example, if someone mentions they live in Queens, or Brooklyn, or Manhattan, we put that person as living in New York.”

When gender was examined as its own entity of statistical analysis, the results were nearly identical. The report found that 49.1 percent of bloggers, worldwide, were male and 50.9 percent female.

However, the rankings of nations proved to be hodgepodge of numbers with the United States prevailing at 29.22 percent, followed by the United Kingdom at a mere 6.75 percent and then Japan at third with 4.88 percent of the world’s bloggers.

So, even though young adults are dominating the social-media scene globally, Americans are still a leap ahead of the rest of the world.

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