Examining the History of Blogs to Celebrate Milestone of WordPress – 200 Million

More than a decade ago, the concept of blogging originated as an innovative approach to traditional forum, allowing individuals to express their thoughts, ideas and opinions with a worldwide audience. Today, the dynamics of this interactive, web-based platform have exploded with popularity and continue to climb exponentially.

However, with the incessant rise in the number of active bloggers in recent years, how many people actually know how blogging came to be?

According to, Jorn Barger coined the term weblog in 1997 to condense the original expression, web log. Later on – five years to be exact – Peter Merholz coined the word blog accidently when he broke up weblog in the sidebar of his blog page to read we blog, which evolved into blog shortly after.

In 1999 the website emerged as a quintessential hub for anyone to set up a personal blog. And today, the number of blogging sources has reached the hundreds, if not thousands.

Among these blogging platforms is the prominent, which just reached a milestone for hosting 200,000,000 blog posts since its launch, which doesn’t include the downloadable version 3.0, reported

“That total comes from 11.4 million blogs that are hosted on the site, and in all, WordPress reports the site is seeing more than 260 million people visit its blog every month (according to data from Quantcast),” noted author, Adam Ostrow.  

In summary, we’d like to congratulate the efforts of every blogger – especially those on a WordPress platform – for contributing to such monumental statistics. The voices of many have expressed an identical notion – to be heard – that stimulates the growth of unity as a people.

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