Tire-Cover Company Pledges Loyalty to iePlexus After Experiencing Great Success

Two weeks – that’s all the time it took for Cindy and Jerry Jackson to witness a booming success with their web business after signing up with iePlexus.

“Right away we noticed an increased and steady flow of traffic to our website and, by the end of the first two weeks, our sales had nearly quadrupled,” Cindy recalls.

In June 2008 the couple embarked upon their enterprise,, and was just staying afloat with an average of three sales per day. Now, with the professional support of iePlexus, the business averages 10 to 12 sales daily.

“I’ve already burned up one printer, and am almost through another, with all the orders I receive. My drop-shipper even struggled to keep up with my order requests; they had to hire more help just to maintain our commissions,” she said.

Although iePlexus has given the Jacksons the necessary tools and instructions to elevate the visibility of their website, another key aspect of their triumph was choosing the right products, Cindy insisted.

“It’s something that’s hard to find; not just anybody sells these products because the distribution requires a specific license, which is a bit pricey to obtain,” she said.

So, what are these marvelous, must-have commodities?

At, shoppers and sports fans alike will be wowed by the premium selection of sports-themed tire covers. Here you’ll find covers that depict college sports, NFL, MLB and NHL as well as decorative, plain and military-themed tire covers. And, because college-sports themed merchandise has proven to be most popular – especially Notre Dame and Alabama accessories – the website also carries grill covers, grill mats and barstool covers.

“Grill covers have been a phenomenal seller, probably because it’s summertime,” Cindy said. “As for our tire covers, we recently updated our product line to include new team logos for all the schools so be sure to check out these brand-new designs.”

Aside from the diverse and nearly all-encompassing assortment of sports teams included among their merchandise, the vast selection of sizes for the grill covers, grill mats and tire covers, which even fit Hummer-sized tires, is what makes the website topnotch. No one size fits all here!

To learn more about the products, as well as a little bit about the sports teams, visit the website’s interactive blog, (another contribution of iePlexus), which has developed a regular following of customers and sports fans.

Since teaming with iePlexus last April, we have been able to pay off more than half of the loans on both our cars, explained Cindy; our success has inspired us to create two new websites, and, and we hope to establish even more in the future, she continued.

“As long as iePlexus is in business, they’ll have our business!” Cindy said.

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