How to Merge the Popularity of Facebook’s ‘Like’ Button with Your Website

Looking for a simple way to integrate social media into your web business? Thanks to a new technology developed by Facebook engineer Matt Kelly, e-commerce professionals can now fuse the legendary popularity of Facebook’s Like application with the homepage of their website.

Currently, more than 350,000 websites have utilized this social plug-in to encourage the same interaction, feedback and excitement garnered by the mega trend of Facebook Like. On a side note, however, the technology is not affiliated with the official Facebook name and is considered to be a personal side project of Kelly.

“The script makes it possible to have Like, Recommendations, and Activity Feed features on any Firefox page you visit,” Facebook told

So, how can you obtain the Like script on your website? The necessary technology is a simple Greasemonkey extension that sets the Like bar atop any web page (expect Facebook Like is compatible with Firefox – as long as the Greasemonkey add-on has been installed – and Google Chrome, while Safari requires a Greasekit.

Hopeful talk of introducing a Dislike application to Facebook has become a rising topic in social media discussion lately with Facebook users forming fan pages to favor the notion. The concept has accumulated nearly 3.2 million supporters already.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told ABC’s Diane Sawyer last week that Facebook would “definitely think about” adding a Dislike button to the website. However, CNN opinion columnist, Pete Cashmore, believes “Zuckerberg is just humoring us: Facebook will never add a Dislike button, regardless of users’ demands.”

What do you think? Will the Dislike button ever emerge as a Facebook application?

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