Web Entrepreneur of Educational Toys Enjoys Success with iePlexus-Built Blog

customerspotlightReady, set, adventure! It’s time to set out on an educational journey with your kids; today’s expedition, a world of amazing animals.

Did you know that most garden snails live in and around moist areas such as ponds, wooded terrain and, of course, gardens?

Transforming playtime into an exhilarating learning experience is a hopeful mission for many parents; however, simple solutions do exist. At you’ll find an abundance of fun facts paired with mini lessons plans of exploration; brainchild of Garolyn Bowen. This interactive blog is anything but sluggish as it already has the how-to’s figured out, which means less strategic planning and creative effort required from mom and dad.

Avenues for learning, which don’t negate the excitement of playtime, continue with another Web site created by Bowen that’s dedicated to providing educational toys and games. At parents can browse through a vast collection of building blocks, jigsaw and 3D puzzles, stuffed animals, board and card games, indoor/outdoor play sets and more.

In addition to the leaps and bounds of creative learning resources provided, Bowen has researched and carefully selected all of the toys she offers to ensure they are safe.

“I’ve made it a priority to distribute toys that are age appropriate and made from safe materials: splinter-proof wood and child-safe paint and varnishes,” she said. “It’s also important that parents keep their children’s toys clean and sanitized.”

Bowen is pleased to have established a family-focused business that administers educational resources, which engage wonderment in the minds of children while providing satisfaction and enjoyment to their parents.

Reflecting upon her success, Bowen offers this advice to other Web entrepreneurs: Keep up-to-date with Web marketing strategies! A notion she applied to her own business by seeking professional help, which led her to team with iePlexus.

“I was impressed by the remarkable standards of customer service they (iePlexus) provide; my phone calls were always answered and they kept me informed about my progress through regular e-mails. The staff was very knowledgeable; every conversation left me feeling confident about their expertise.” Bowen said.

Be sure to visit today! After all, where has your curiosity taken you lately – a snail hunt perhaps?

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