Small Business: 6 Online Myths Revealed

The e-commerce industry is filled with different ideas on what’s the best approach for a small business owner. Having spoken with many small business owners, I know there’s some common myths that seem to resonate with website owners more than others. No matter who, where, or how far along in the process they are, an industry like this can spread some serious rumors and propagate some strange ideas. SmallBusinessNewz has been profiling some of these most common myths in two-part video series based on findings from’s CEO & Founder Justin Kitch. The second part in the series, featured below, covers common myths on marketing strategy that really speaks volumes. From my experience, these are definitely some popular misconceptions when it comes to running an online business.

In summary, the video lays out the work that must be done after establishing an internet presence.

  • My website is only for new customers.
  • My site is just for customers.
  • My internet strategy is my website.
  • Being small is a huge disadvantage.
  • The internet will make me rich.
  • OK, I’ll do whatever you say.

See the first part of the series here.

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