Could The Internet Win The Nobel Peace Prize?

welcome-to-the-world-wide-web-signIt was just a few months ago when President Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, which caused much controversy.  However, last week nominations for this years peace prize winner were due.  Among the nominations according to some include, Russian human rights activist Svetlana Gannushkina, Liu Xiaobo, a recently jailed Chinese dissident, for his “distinguished and principled leadership in the area of human and political rights and freedom of expression.”, Former Illinois Governor George Ryan, and the Internet. 

Yes, the Internet.  The World Wide Web.  What you are using right now to read this.  As you can imagine, if President Obama’s nomination caused uproar, what the internet will do.

Forbes magazine reports:

It’s unclear though whether [The Nobel Committee] would stretch as far as to honor the Internet, as proposed by the Italian version of Wired magazine, which cited its use as a tool to advance “dialogue, debate and consensus through communication” and to promote democracy. Signatories to its petition backing the nomination include 2003 peace laureate and exiled Iranian activist Shirin Ebadi – which would make it a legitimate entry – according to organizers.

But do think about it.  Because of the internet, we have a wide variety of communications.  We even watch the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded online.  What do you think? Could and should the Internet get a Nobel Peace Prize? And who would accept the award?

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