NASA’s Tweetup Has Liftoff


Last month, we told you about NASA’s Tweet-up contest, where 100 lucky Twitter’s would be invited to watch Space Shuttle Atlantis take off.  The shuttle took off successfully at Monday at 2:28 EST, for an 11 day space mission and deliver necessary spare parts to the International Space Station 200 miles above the Earth, while those 100 lucky Twitter users stood by and shared their experience with the rest of the world through the social media site.

NASA had developed a special NASA Tweet-Up Twitter account, where they had created a List of attendees of which anyone on Twitter could follow and watch tweets come in live from the event.  The Tweet-up was a 2 day event, which gave Twitterer’s a VIP look a the inside works of NASA, and a front row view of the launch from the media circle at the Kennedy Space Center.

The launch seemed to be the highlight for all of the Tweet-Up attendees.  “That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever ever seen,” said user Lexigeek minutes after the launch.

One of my favorite tweets was from jordychristine who said, “THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST SAW THAT WITH MY EYEBALLS.”

“Spectacular,” said JMorrison2103. “Felt like you were right underneath it. Flawless launch and separation of the orbiter. Easily one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.”

Arnoldevns was also amazed by the experience and tweeted, “Wow! I can’t express just how amazing that was. It was so bright so loud and so beautiful.”

Many users posted pictures from the event, however, Starstryder went took it to the next level and was the first to link a YouTube video of the launch from the Tweet-up just minutes after it had taken off.   

Buckyturco was so impressed and after thanking NASA for the experience said, “I’m not even a spacey-nerd-geek and that was one of the most impressive things ever.”

“Still having trouble putting this whole experience into words,” said SteveWake “It is definitely the highlight of my life.”  It will definitely be something for all those who attended to remember for the rest of their lives.  If you missed your opportunity to take part of today’s Tweet-Up, NASA says not to worry because they plan on having more tweet-up’s in future and will continue to up their presence on social media sites being that this event was so successful. 

Pictures Courtosey of @terrymyers, @FlyingPhotog, & @vegasbill.

43303765-2bc5d1549faca40cfaa21161272288e9_4b01ac5f-scaledlaunchCourtesy of @FlyingPhotog

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