What’s The Buzz On Google Buzz?

buzzIt’s been nearly two week since Google launched their own social network known as Google Buzz, and users are now weighing in and sharing their opinions.  If you’re not sure what Google Buzz is all about,it simply a cross between Facebook & Twitter.  You are able to integrate a number of social networks to you Buzz feed including Twitter & Flickr.  Facebook has not teamed up with Google at this time.

I’ve been trying to figure out the new social media for the past week and I must say it’s a bit confusing!  And I even consider myself to be pretty internet savy.  I’m usually pretty good at spotting out the social networks that’ll make it.  For example, last year is when Twitter became popular and what it is today, but I have been on the site for close to 3 years now.  But Google Buzz, I can’t just figure out the hype about it.  And apparently I’m not the only one.

Devin Stevenson, a frequent 23 year old social media user from Detroit, is curious to see where Google Buzz will go in the future, even for those not tech smart. “I’m still wondering if Buzz will catch on with those outside of the tech community,” he said. “Obviously the potential is there, just like Twitter became mainstream.”

He also notes some of the differences between Google’s social network and Twitter.

” The thing with Twitter is that it was was something you could go to and leave where as Buzz seems very in your face,” Stevenson said. “It’s integrated into all your Google info. And Twitter centers around followers, where as Buzz centers around replies.”

 This seems to be the over all response to Google’s attempt to join the social network. 

Matthew Tennant from Seattle wrote via Twitter, “Google “bla” is what I call it. It’s not as good…and honestly how many social media outlets can we have? Twitter and facebook A’ok.”

So will Google Buzz make it? It’s hard to say still.  Some like William Dennis, say they don’t like it, but “it has potential.”

This is Google’s second flop within a year.  Although Google Wave was successful, yet confusing, most of the buzz has moved away from there.  I just logged into my Wave account for the first time since December 29, and I see that none of my Wave friends have used it either since.  Only time will tell where Google Buzz will good, but so far, its less than impressive.

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    Since it’s still new I know some are not yet familiar about Google Buzz. Your post is very informative. Thank you for sharing it.


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