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Today is April 1, 2010, which is also known to many of us as April Fools Day.  And depending on how gullible you are today could turn into a long day.  For me, I was fooled before 6 this morning and I have a feeling I have a surprise or two more coming at me.  Even though I know not to believe anything anyone says today, I still happen to fall for it!

Today however, there are a number of sites trying to fool everyone.  I thought that we would take a look at some of the top online pranks today!

Google or Topeka?

A few weeks ago I told you about how the city of Topeka, Kansas changed it’s name to Google, Kansas.  Well, now Google has changed it’s name to Topeka.  Google, I mean Topeka said in a blog post, “Google employees once known as “Googlers” should now be referred to as either “Topekers” or “Topekans,” depending on the result of a board meeting that’s ongoing at this hour. Whatever the outcome, the conclusion is clear: we aren’t in Google anymore.”

The entire blog post is convinceing, however don’t be alarmed, Topeka will be back to Google in the morning.

Google UK Translator

When it comes to trying to translate things into other languages, there is nothing like heading over to Google Translator to do that.  A few months ago, Google released it’s own app for smart phone to be able to search for anything on the go.  Although there is no translation on the mobile app, Google UK has put together this unbelievable translator app.  It doesn’t translate works from English to Spanish or vice versa, but instead translates Animal talk to English. Check out the video they posted below!

Justin Bieber or DIE!

If you have a 12 year old daughter you are bound to know who teen-heart throb Justin Bieber is.  In fact, one of his fans, just three years old, cried over Bieberand the video of her crying went viral instantly.  Well, now the site has been turned into Bieber or Die.  The site notoriously known for creating some of the funniest viral video with celebrities has been taken over by all Justin Bieber videos.  Bieber even tries doing a parody of “David After Dentist.”


“I’ll have a Micra frappachino! No, no, no! Make That a Plenta”

Starbucks even got into the action today.  In a blog poston their website, they said that beginning this fall, the company would offer two new sizes in their drink menu.  Micra (2 oz.) & Plenta (128 oz.) both could cause environmentalist like my self to worry about what is going to happen with all the waste, however Starbucks has a few ideas for you.

“Suggested usage options include popcorn receptacle, rain hat, perennial planter, lampshade or yoga block. The Micra also serves as a convenient milk dish for kittens, soft boiled egg cup or paper clip holder.”

Kodak’s Aroma Pictures

I don’t care how old you are, we all love scratch and sniff things, but what if we could do that to the pictures we take.  Well, Kodak could be onto something with their April Fools joke.  Scented paper to to smell what your photo looks like.  Can you imagine smelling Hawaii from your living room, or your grandma’s favorite cookies all the time!? Yum!

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