Twitter’s Population Is How Big?!

Twitter is all about change this week.  Yesterday the company announced they will begine to add advertisements known as “Promoted Tweets” to the site.  Today the company is answering the question that’s been on everyone’s mind for years.  “How many people are actually on Twitter?”

Twitter CEO Biz Stone announced at the companies first developer conference, Chirp, that the site has exactly 105,779,710 users.  Obviously that number has jumped since this morning, but that’s about a third of the US population and about 25% of Facebook’s population.  The number is quite an accomplishment and is on the right track to be the next to Facebook.

It took Facebook more than 4 years to hit 100 million users, and Twitter just celebrated it’s 4th birthday at the begining of the month.   Stone say’s they are averaging about 300,000 new Twitter users every single day.  Those users helped pass the billionth tweet back in March and are now averaging 600 million tweets a day.

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