YouTube Users to Soon Charge for Videos

In April, YouTube released a movie rental service that would allow users to watch a small selection of movies directly from the site. In a recent interview with Media Post, Hunter Walk, director of project management, said the site will allow users to charge a rental fee for their online videos. 

The details of the new rental program are still scarce, but will likely allow any user to sign up with the program, regardless of how many views they’ve had on YouTube. Users who rent the films will likely have access to the video for a 24-hour period and will be charged anywhere from $1-$6.

For several years, YouTube has been trying to find ways for its users to make money off their videos. Last year the company opened its ‘YouTube Partnership Program,’ which allows those with some of the most viewed videos to earn an extra penny or two through advertisements. David DeVore, the father who recorded ‘David After Dentist,’ said in March that the family is making at least six figures thanks to the two-minute video he shot and the ads displayed within.

YouTube’s current setup only allows the videos that tend to go viral to actually make money. The new program, however, would open up a new opportunity for filmmakers to cash in on their work. Unfortunately, Walk didn’t say when the program would be released.

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