Facebook Changes Coming Once Again

thefacebookwJust last year, Facebook users were up in arms about the new layout on their favorite social networking site.  Close to a million people signed a petition to bring back the old layout and now after a year of finally settling down and adjusted to the layout, Facebook has leaked out information that there are some new changes coming to their website.

One change that has already taken place within the past 24 hours, is the layout of Group pages.  For the longest time Group pages were a mirror image of one of the original Facebook profiles, just with different information.  Group pages now look like the current profile layout and fan pages.  According to Facebook’s blog this ultimately means ‘that groups will now have a Wall that summarizes all the recent activities of people within the group and a Publisher that enables members to share their content.’  It also means that group activities and what’s being posted on the group wall will now be posted to your news feed.  However, instead of getting posts from everyone from your groups, you will only be shown posts from your friends in the same group. 

The major change however, is still yet to come.  The homepage or the News Feed as many people like to call it is getting a little upgrade.  Right now, users can be overwhelmed by the amount of updates are on the News Feed.  To help load faster and to keep things a bit simpler, the revamp will allow users to only see the latest news since the last logged off.  If for some reason you wanted to see older news headlines from your wall, Facebook will offer tabs at the top of the page to check out older news.

TheNextWeb broke the story of the redesign a few weeks ago,  however it wasn’t until today that Facebook released this statement to them.

We are currently testing different designs of the News Feed and the home page with select users. The tests help us understand if we can make it easier for users to balance both the most important and the most recent information from people they’re connected to.

No word yet on when the redesign will be available to the rest of the Facebook community.

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