Nigeria Uses Social Media For Electricity

nameNigeria is thought of one of the poorest countries in the world.  Surprisingly, Nigeria is the most populous and oil rich nation in Africa, and every day millions are left out in the dark because the government does not offer constant electricity for many places through the country.  But now thousands are trying to use the power of social media to encourage the government to bring electricity through the nation.  

The Light Up Nigeria movement is an effort to bring constant electrical power to Nigerian homes and businesses.  Since the 1980’s the Nigerian Government, has been inconsistent in the supply of electricity, because of the corruption and sabotage within the governmental system.  Light Up Nigeria, which is citizen formed, states on their website that  ‘everyone in Nigeria is affected by the lack of constant power supply so everyone in Nigeria is part of the movement.’  That has become the way of life for Nigerians and a known fact about the country.  The lack of electricity has been blamed for the nation missing out on new investments and business opportunities. 

The group is demanding action from Nigerian officials, on all levels of the government to come up with a solution to bring constant supplies of electricity to everyone.  Light Up Nigeria is trying to use one large universal voice to reach the Nigerian Government along with bringing awareness of the issue to the rest of the globe though any means possible. 

The movement has created platforms on many social media sites.  The groups Facebook page, has over 23,000 members. And although there is no official Twitter account, twitter users are asked to tweet ‘#lightupnigeria’ on their posts which will be shown on Light Up Nigeria’s website.  Writing personal blogs, letters to your governmental representatives, and opinion articles to your local newspaper are also some of the ways the group is hoping people around the world will get involved. 

The general message Light Up Nigeria is trying to send is ‘Enough is Enough’.

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  • xplizitsouljah

    it is about time we get the light situation sorted. Nigeria likes to lay claim to being the big brother in Africa but all other countries are focused on the well being of their citizenry. But the vagabonds in power are so corrupt that they dont see this as important. then they look for fire brigade approaches to pacify the people. the luck they have is that Nigerians are tolerable people. this situation is enough to spark a great level of revolution in toher countries. small countries in west africa are doing everything possible to take away darkness from their lives and it is being achieved. why then do these bastards keep making excuses when we know the obvious? this is why this trend is necessary to embarass them and make them look stupid in front of their fellow world leaders.


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