GOP Using Social Media To Tackle Health Care Reform

21176_26Republicans-Health-Care_sffWashington is up in arms about the $1.3 trillion health care plan, and it doesn’t look like the fight between Democrats & Republicans is going to end anytime soon.  The Republican Party have joined the rest of the world in the social media and blog world in hopes to share the more details of 1,990 page proposal that most American’s are unlikely to read.  House Majority Leader John Boehner started a campaign on behalf of the GOP on the website, which is an interactive blog-like platform.  They plan on breaking down the bill section by section, and explaining each page in an understandable language to get feedback from the American people. From there, visitor’s are able to comment and share sections via on several social media sites, including Twitter & Facebook.

Boehner’s new media director, Nick Schaper said, “As our members read the bill and uncover harmful provisions, Amplify allows us to clip specific portions and explain what they mean in plain English. It’s our hope that through this effort, we can help Americans understand just what 1,990 pages of bureaucracy really means to them and their families.”

Adriana Maxwell, a Georgia resident, was one of a few American’s who read the the health care, who said that reading the bill was not an easy read, “it reads like legisleves. It’s it own language.  They state an amendment, they state what the amendment is and then afterwards they define each term in there.  Every thing is defined.”

“It doesn’t flow at all,” Maxwell continues. “You can tell it’s a lot of people writing it.  It’s a bunch of people throwing in what they think it should be.”  She also says there are to many items in the bill to work on at once, but at one point, it actually does start to flow.

However, Boegner doesn’t think many American’s are actually going to read the entire bill, and his website states, “House Republicans hope the American people will engage their Representatives through Amplify and other new media tools to usher in a new era of unprecedented transparency and openness in the legislative process.  After all, Members of Congress work for the American people – not the other way around.”

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