Facebook The Most Engaging Social Network

facebookengagedThis report actually surprises me a bit.  Pingdom, a web monitoring site, has announced that Facebook is the “most engaging social network.”

“Figuring out how engaging a site is can be tricky,” said Pindgom’s blog post.  “We could look at the number of page views per visit, but that number alone doesn’t really tell us much. We also need to take into consideration how often visitors come back to a site. After all, if we return frequently to a site and also view many pages when we do, it’s likely that find the site engaging.”

I find it a bit shocking because it seems to me  that Twitter would be a bit more engaging, since conversations can happen in real time.  Pingdom actually noted this. “These numbers are bound to be a bit unfair to Twitter,” the company writes.  “Many of its users rely heavily on applications to access the site and don’t necessarily spend much time on the site itself.”

With that clarified, the company explained how it’s not just  interesting that Facebook has more than 350 million users, “but the site manages to wring out so many page views from each one. This is bound to be extremely good news for Facebook’s income from advertising.”

Engaging with friends, family, businesses and customers has become essential in today’s social media world.  Facebook’s comments feature, which allows you and just about anyone to comment on nearly everything on the site.  Conversations and debates have sparked through status updates and posts through many fan pages, like one this week about a Seattle hot dog eatery going from traditional hotdog holders to plates.  In one corner, customers who have requested to eat a hot dog on a plate, and in the other corner, customers who wonder why anyone would eat a hot dog on a traditional plate.  I say skip the plates and keep the holders.  But that’s just one example of millions of engaging conversations on Facebook, each and every single day.

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