The American Population vs. The American Facebook Population

I always talk about how if Facebook were it’s own nation, it’s population would be larger than the United States. But obviously, not every American is on Facebook. So what would happen if we took just the American’s on Facebook and compared that to the actual US population.

This morning, Mashable published an interesting Infograph. Muhammad Saleem provided the graphic, which show that about a third of all American’s are on the social network. While of course, most of the numbers are estimates, it’s fun to take a look at.

While later on this year we’ll know the exact number of American’s living in the country thanks to the US Census, about one-third of American’s are on the social network.  South Dakota has the highest population of its residents on the site with about 31.1%, while only 10.3% of New Mexican’s make up the state with the lowest percentage of Facebook users.  Now, keep in mind, there are more people in New York City than in South Dakota, so seeing a state with more people will most likely bring down it’s percentage.  Washington DC’s percentage was 125.7% of it’s residents were on Facebook.  Mashable cleared up the numbers for us.

“The DC number is greater than 100% because of the disproportionate amount of people who technically reside elsewhere but live in DC, and it would include people in surrounding cities who claim to live in DC on their profiles,” Mashable said.

When it came to major cities and their Facebook populations, both Chicago & Dallas had the highest percentages.  And of course it took more than 200 years to get to our current population which has grown a little less than 1% each year since 2005, while Facebook’s population has grown between 200-500% each year. 

Take a look at some of the other statistics and let us know what you think.

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