Twitter Off The Twitter Plateau

twitterA few months ago, Twitter CEO & co-founder, Evan Williams talked at the Web 2.0 Summit about how Twitter’s growth was slowing.  Since then, Twitter’s growth had actually declined.  At least until this new year. 

Twitter’s numbers in January hit record numbers, meaning that Twitter’s growth could be continuing to climb very soon.  First the numbers of tweets was actually record breaking.  Twitter users posted more than 1233.8 million tweets  in January.  And as high as that number is, it’s not that surprising, since the number of tweets each month has been constantly growing month after month.  However, in January 2009 there were only 76.6 tweets posted. 

More than 9.4 million people joined the Twitterverse in January.  That’s the most new users since last July. That’s great news, since numbers in November and December declined.  But many analyst say that major news events, such as Michael Jackson’s death last summer, and the Haitian earthquake last month are the reason for the increase.  The social network became an instant way for people to connect with one another.  The logic makes sense.  Regardless of Twitter’s growth, it’s still a very powerful tool.

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