Viral Video Encourages Publishers (And Marketers)

viralvideoOne of the greatest parts about my job is how I get to always keep up with the latest viral videos.  I don’t often write an aritcle about certain viral video, although I have been showcasing at least one viral video a week in iePlexus’ Social Media News Briefs for the past few weeks.  But this viral video, I think deserves it own article.

Posted on March 9, “The Future of Publishing” has had more than 125,000 views at the time of this posting.  While the video is intended for book publishers, I think the video is a good marketing as well.  The video is sort of like a palindrome, something you can read forwards as well as read it backwards.

A few years ago, a poem known as “Lost Generations” went viral, and it seems that now this palindrome has well.  Check it out and let us know what you think.


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