Google Getting Off The Streets & Onto The Sidewalk

google-trikeWith Google Maps, you are able to drive through streets in 14 different countries, explore the moon, mars, and even views from the Hubble telescope.  They are currently working on getting street views up in 24 more countries and hope to have them up and running within the next year.  In the mean time, Google is thinking ahead and taking it’s map feature to the next level.  By using the Google Trike, you’ll now be able to explore sidewalks, park trails, university campuses, theme parks, zoos, golf courses, and boardwalks across the globe,  just to name a few.

Google’s blog announced  this morning that the Google Trike has already hit several California hot spots, including Legoland California, San Diego State University, Santa Monica Pier, and Arastradero Open Preserve, which are now are all available on the site.  This is obviously great news for future college students who want to tour a campus before they actually apply, for families to route their way around their favorite theme park for their next vacation and anyone who just wants to explore more of the world right from their computer. 

Google also announced that U.S. residents can nominate where they would like the trike to visit until October 28.  After that Google will narrow down the submission and have Google users vote and cast the final decsions.  There is no word on how many places Google will go with the trike, but expects to have several thousands of requests as they did in England.  “When we unveiled the Street View trike in the U.K., we received more than 10,000 nominations and 35,000 votes; Stonehenge and Warwick Castle were two of the top vote-getters.”

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