New Google Check Out Feature Debuts

google check outGoogle Checkout has rolled out a new “Promotional Checkout” option, which will allow online US merchants to offer checkout promotions at anytime.  Effective as of late last week, users can sign into their into Checkout accounts, click on the ‘Tools’ tab where they’ll be able to use the Promotions link to create a promotion while checking out.  Google states the entire process takes less than a minute. 

Sellers will be able to choose a specific date and time, that they’d like the offer to run, and choose from a wide selection of discounts they want to offer potential buyers.  When it’s time for the promotion to go live, Google will immediately change the standard checkout icon, to display the discount amount, along with a cart minimum. 

AdWord advertisers will also be getting new features.  The standard Checkout badge will change to a Checkout badge that includes the discount amount. Google said that “these promotional badges have been introduced to enable shoppers who search on to easily identify and take advantage of promotional offers.  Checkout promotions are a great way to attract new buyers, and we’re excited to make this functionality more widely available. Please visit our Help Center for detailed instructions on setting up your own Checkout promotion.”

In September, Google Checkout changed the sites restrictions, and started allowing the sale of real estate rentals, timeshares, and day sight-seeing tours. Since then Google’s biggest online user store competitors have been Facebook & what could soon be Apple.

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