Social Media News Brief: Jan. 6, 2010

Facebook decided to dominate Google once again, while Google is trying to make an attempt to bring Apple iPhone sales down.  Find out all the details in today’s social media news brief.

Facebook did it once again.  On Monday afternoon, Hitwise’s announced that Facebook for the second time beat out Google as the most visited site on the web in the US, this time on New Years Day.  Last week we shared with you that on Christmas day, Facebook beat out Google as the most visited site on the web for the very first time ever.  Hitwise noted that it’s interesting that Facebook tends takes the spot on holiday’s, however they also noted that Facebook overall narrowed the gap with Google throughout the month of December. 

On Tuesday Google unveiled their brand new Superphone known as the Nexus One and it hoping the phone will help bring down sales of the US’s current most popular phone, the iPhone.  The phone which has some of the most updated software including android 2.1 is said to be thinner than a number 2 pencil.   It also boasts a 5 mega pixel camera with a flash. The phone which is currently exclusively sold on Google’s website at will set you about $529 without a phone contract. However t-mobile customers can purchase that phone for $179.  Google says they expect to make the phone available to Verizon customers and Europeans with Vodofone service some later this year.

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