Twitter Could Have 100 Million+ Users

Twitter still has yet to confirm but, WebProNews is reporting that Twitter now has more than 100 million + users.  The company has thier own tracking service, known as Twellow, a yellow page of Twitter users if you will. 

Chris Crum wrote, “In March, the total tweets sent increased 29.8% over February, the largest month-over-month increase since July of last year. User registrations rose 19.3% over February. Tweets sent per registered user jumped almost 20% to 13.4.”

You also have to factor that a number of accounts are inactive or spam, and Matthew Daines, the lead developer for Twellow mentioned that in the article. 

“When you take into account the likely suspended accounts at a rate of 20%, then the tweets per user is closer to 16,” says Daines. “Also, assuming the actual number suspended is around 20% of the total (as my previous surveys suggest), then the total actual number of Twitter users is around 102 million, so Twitter has very likely passed the 100 million user mark.”

Again, Twitter has not confirmed the numbers, but the estimate has a tendency has been very close in the past.  Either way, Twitter is still growing and is becoming stronger as we speak.  Check out the graphs before to see for yourself how big Twitter is still becoming.


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