This Week In Social Media – October 23, 2009

iePlexus “Week in Social Media” October 23, 2009 from iePlexus on Vimeo.

iePlexus “Week in Social Media” October 23, 2009 from iePlexus on Vimeo.

-The Web 2.0 Summit took place this week in San Francisco. Some of the biggest news from the event came out on Wednesday.  Both Microsoft and Google announced they would be teaming up with Twitterto bring real-time search updates to the search engines.  Microsoft’s Qi Lu first announced that Bing.comwould be getting get the real time twitter searchs updates, up on their site, which happened just minutes after the announcement.  Twitter’s blog said that they want to make twitter a search tool to help find people what they need in current time. Surprisingly, just a few hours after Microsoft’s big announcement, Google announced they would also be teaming up with Twitter to bring real-time search.  Neither of the companies would release the financial terms of their deals but are expected to bring more traffic to the search engine sites. There are also rumors the sites are trying to team up with Facebook as well. To watch the announcement’s in their entirety, visit Web 2.0 Summit’s website.

-Last weekend #BeatCancer set a world record for the “Most Widespread Social Network Message in 24 Hours.”  The keyword was all over the web, and eBay, PayPal, MillerCoors Brewing Company and Genesis Today, all said that would donate at least a cent for every hashtag posted on the web and ended up raising over $70,000, which will end up being spilt up and go to four non-profit organizations. 

-Monday: Google announced they would team up with Virgin America this holiday season to offer FREE wi-fi for passengers traveling across the US. The service begins November 10 and runs through January 15.  Marissa Mayer, Google said in a statement that Google wanted to give travelers a gift that makes travel easier and more convenient.

-Attention shoppers, the National Retail Federationreleased a survey Thursday which stated that more online retailers are gearing up for the upcoming holiday season, and will be using social media too attract consumers. Over 47% of online retailers who were polled stated they would be increasing the use of their social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter this holiday season and close to 80% of companies be offering some great deals for social media users including but not limited to free shipping.

U2 announced earlier this week that they would be using the social media site, YouTube to broadcast their final US 360 tour concert. It will broadcast live to the US and 16 other countries around the globe Sunday night at 8:30 PST.  U2 is the first single band to broadcast an entire live concert on a social networking site.

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