Blog Action Day 2008

Today is Blog Action Day. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when bloggers from around the world unite to talk about a specific subject that affects us all. The idea behind it is simple; if we can get enough people to to talk about a social concern, maybe we can do something about it and make a difference. Last year the topic was the environment, and this year we’re talking about poverty. Currently, blog action day has over 11,000 blogs participating with an estimated combined audience of over 12 million. We feel here at iePlexus that since we’re a big advocate of blogging, it was natural for us to participate in this great cause and encourage the same from our clients and readers. It’s important to sometimes take a step back from business and realize that we all have a social responsibility to help others and contribute to the greater good. As a business, iePlexus has also taken steps to reach out, providing no-cost services to community organizers and churches, and participating in charity events to benefit programs like Habitat for Humanity.

With the recent financial crisis, I think all of us are taking a closer look at how we live and spend our money. We may be tightening our budgets or cutting out the non-essential luxuries to ensure we’re not living beyond our means. But it’s easy to forget that some people don’t have the advantages we do and are struggling just to make it to another day. They don’t have the kind of choices we enjoy and often find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty, unable to free themselves because of circumstances beyond their control. It’s important that we all do our part, even if it’s very small, to make a difference. If all of us just helped a little, the impact would be huge. There’s no greater reward than giving back.

With that being said, let’s look at some things we can do as individuals to help:

  • Donate old clothing to thrift stores and the Salvation Army. Everyone has something in their closet they don’t need. The rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it in a year, you’re probably not going to.
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen once a month. Take one night out and go down to your local soup kitchen or food bank and help out for a few hours. It’s easy – here’s how.
  • Sponsor a child in another country. For just a little bit each day, you can make a huge difference. One of the best organizations in the Christian Children’s Fund.
  • Vote. Change the country we live in and how we deal with issues like poverty by speaking your voice. Better yet, Rock the Vote.


  • kouji haiku

    for my part, i turn to sites like freerice (rice donation), kiva (microfinance), and goodsearch (donation per search), as ways to help alleviate poverty online. i also put up their banners on my blog. 🙂

    saw this post via the front page of blog action day. it’s great that you’re participating. 🙂

  • Milly

    Excellent post..Well done x

  • Kris Themstrup

    One thing to add: You can even contribute while you shop online by downloading and activating the AidMaker from Every time you make a purchase online it donates to a charity of your choice at no extra cost!

  • Suzie

    I think this is such a noble cause for you to be partaking in. It’s good to know that companies still exist that care about their community. Kudos to iePlexus for doing their part! BTW isn’t the guy who wrote this kinda hot!

  • kouji haiku

    @suzie: 😀

  • Alex

    Great post, I myself wrote one at: and the action has not stopped. Would you share your thoughts by a comment there as well?

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