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Effectively Using Social Media to Market Your Small Business

Despite its unequivocal position as the latest fad in business marketing and an immense legion of business execs and media sources touting its merits, a recent study shows that small businesses aren’t capitalizing on social media. While large, well-established corporations have jumped on the social media bandwagon with unbridled abandon, small- and medium-sized businesses appear reluctant to adopt this marketing trend.

According to the 2010 Business Monitor United States report, just 24 percent of small and medium businesses have generated sales through social media, and less than 1 percent cited social media as the dominant factor in promoting their business. Instead, companies have continued to utilize somewhat antiquated means of attracting customers, including old-fashioned word of mouth, networking events and traditional advertising. This aversion is quite surprising considering the ample amount of information and resources for implementing social media advertising  currently available to business owners. (more…)

Is Google Done In China?

Signs that Google is dead in China are on the rise.  Reports out this morning from all over the country say that users are only getting error messages when they conduct searches.  Typically only controversial searches like “Tienanmen Square massacre” are blocked, but simple searches like “the” and “happy” are blocked as well. 

The Wall Street Journal said, “Internet users reported new disruptions to Google Inc. Internet search services in China on Tuesday afternoon, with many saying they are unable to search for any term on the Google site.”  (more…)

Polish Pottery Distributor Enhances Web Sales in Partnership with iePlexus

customerspotlightIt grows naturally. Deposits of white clay, waiting to be unearthed, are scattered throughout the lands of Boleslawiec, Poland, a tiny town just outside the German border. And from this malleable substance, a magnificent array of stoneware is crafted by the locals.

More commonly referred to as pottery, it was the brilliant vibrancy and intricate design of these handmade kitchen creations that attracted Kiki Nohmer – along with a handful of other military wives – to cross into Poland. While stationed in Germany for five years (then two more in Belgium) with her husband, who was an active solider in the United States Army, she made frequent expeditions to Boleslawiec.


iePlexus Praised For Closed Captions

ccBack in November, we told you that YouTube would begin supporting a new feature which would help make it easier to enable closed captioning to your videos. Since that day, we here at iePlexus have been using the feature in all of our news briefs, to help inform the hearing impaired.  Late Thursday evening, iePlexus received an e-mail from described their website as “a captioned video search engine,” and the first of it’s kind.  The company searches for videos with closed captions throughout the web, to bring it all to one place since most closed captioned videos are scattered throughout the internet.  (more…)

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