Featured Content Gallery Passes 50,000 Downloads

fcg_wpBack in January of 2009, iePlexus became the new developers of the Featured Content Gallery WordPress Plugin. We were excited to become part of the WordPress development community and certainly had big plans for the plugin. Since that time, 4 months ago, the Featured Content Gallery has become one of the most popular WordPress plugins to date and has accrued over 50,000 downloads from the WordPress plugin repository. We’ve made significant updates and improvements to the plugin since taking over the reigns, and have created a website, instructional video and support forum dedicated to the plugin. We will continue to manage, maintain and upgrade the plugin so it can continue to be a free, useful application for anyone who wants to utilize it on their WordPress website.

The Featured Content Gallery is a WordPress plugin that creates an automated, rotating image gallery anywhere withing a WordPress site. Based on a MooTools gallery script, the plugin is able to display an image attached to a post or page within a WordPress site and display it automatically wherever the gallery code is entered. The plugin is very popular with many high-quality WordPress themes, including premium WordPress themes from StudioPress, where the FCG is commonly included in new theme releases. It was added to the WordPress repository in February of 2009 and has consistently been one of the most popular plugins, averaging over 500 downloads per day. The Featured Content Gallery plugin page on WordPress has all the information for the plugin, including the download, description, installation, screenshots and more.

Instead of simply adding the plugin to the WordPress repository, like most developers, we decided to provide more information for users and allow them to get support for the plugin directly from iePlexus. We created the Featured Content Gallery website, which includes a demo of the gallery, in-depth installation instructions, a changelog for updates, website showcase, and a very popular support forum. We continue to answer questions within the forum and provide free support to anyone needing help with the plugin. We’ve also created a step-by-step instructional screencast video on the Featured Content Gallery and posted it on Vimeo. Since posting 3 months ago, the video has had over 13,000 views.

Recently, the Featured Content Gallery was featured in Smashing Magazine, one of the most popular development industry publications. Here at iePlexus, we’ll continue to update the FCG and improve upon its already popular features. With the upcoming release of WordPress 2.8, we’ll also ensure that the plugin is compatible with the new version and takes advantage of new developments in the platform.


  • Yves Bergeron

    Hi !

    I did a french translation of your page “install & Setup” ( of the Featured Content Gallery extension following to several support requests made to WordPress theme translators.

    This translation is currently on my site.

    I would like you communicate with me to see whether this translation must be found on my site, and if so, if it was possible to put a link on your page for french-speaking users.

    Obviously, any request for support will be routed to your support forum.

  • Kris Themstrup

    Thanks Yves! I’ll be in contact over email to discuss details.

  • JM

    I upgraded to 2.8 and FCG is now not working. Is there a fix in the works?

  • Kris Themstrup

    I’m not aware that WP 2.8 causes any issues with FCG, but we’re looking into it now. If it does, we’ll have a solution. I would post in the forum –


  • Andrew

    There is definitely a conflict with WP 2.8 and FCG. I have read numerous posts about the same problem: the gallery doesn’t show anything. Just the black border line. I checked into this and did a page load test with it activated and found to have trouble loading so i assume the problem is with that file.

    FCG used to be a great addition to my site, and as soon as there is a fix posted for it I will put it back up on my site. If you want to see the conflicted files yourself, install WP 2.8 and run FCG and do a test here:

    The FCG files will be the longest loading.

    • Kris Themstrup


      Have you brought this up within the support area of

  • Eric FM

    i have brought this up today with the forum
    no replies as of yet and i know its been several months since your last communication on this topic about it

    i wanted to know if any further development has taken place since


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