iePlexus Praised For Closed Captions

ccBack in November, we told you that YouTube would begin supporting a new feature which would help make it easier to enable closed captioning to your videos. Since that day, we here at iePlexus have been using the feature in all of our news briefs, to help inform the hearing impaired.  Late Thursday evening, iePlexus received an e-mail from described their website as “a captioned video search engine,” and the first of it’s kind.  The company searches for videos with closed captions throughout the web, to bring it all to one place since most closed captioned videos are scattered throughout the internet. 

The company told us that their website ” is being used for all kinds of reasons: (1) deaf community, (2) people learning English as a second language, (3) people in quiet office spaces and (4) people listening to other things like the phone.”

They continued by saying, “we just wanted to officially thank you for your video captioning effort.”  If you check out the company’s website, you will find that iePlexus’s Social Media News Briefs are featured and the company says they will continue to feature our videos in efforts to reach out to the deaf community.  We will continue to strive in the closed captioning frontier as technology advances and allows us to do so. 

 YouTube is hoping to soon have automated closed captions, which would automatically post closed captions to every video on the site.


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  • Oliver Twist

    Many thanks for your efforts to include the closed-captioning. I have alerted my deaf and hard-of-hearing friends to check out your company’s website.

    Way to go, Kyle!


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