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We’ve had pretty consistent growth here at iePlexus, and with that growth we’ve been contributing to our blog more often, expanding our coverage and discussing a wider range of topics. Our goal is to create a valuable, objective industry resource with our blog, examining news on blogging, social media, Web 2.0, and everything in between. With so much material, it’s become necessary to bring on additional writers to help ensure we report on the major developments in an ever-changing market. Also, we wanted to get various points of view and opinions, from the tech-savvy to the typical user, so our audience is well represented. We hope our blog is a beneficial addition to your reading list and invite you to subscribe to our RSS feed. Here are our current blog contributors and a little about them…

Our Writers

Kris Themstrup | Director of Marketing
Kris has over 9 years of experience in internet marketing, web development and design. He has a BA in English from the University of Maryland and is originally from Philadelphia. He’s a die-hard Philly sports fan and enjoys self-deprecating humor, music and movies. Kris has been the head writer at the iePlexus blog since January, 2008 and is desperately holding onto his job in the face of intense competition and a pending coup by the other writers.
Liz Herrin | Writer
Liz is a newcomer to internet marketing, but has a long and diverse background in writing. She’s a Seattle native and recent graduate of the University of Washington, where she majored in Creative Writing. Realizing there’s no money in poetry or fiction, she has gone the way of her fellow creative writers and sold out to the corporate machine. Outside work, she enjoys pop culture, including music, film, travel, reading, and stealing other people’s interests from their bio. Liz is no longer with iePlexus.
Scott Hannus | Writer
Recognizing that the best writers steal rather than borrow, Scott is a newcomer to internet marketing but has a long and diverse background in writing. Born in Seattle, Scott graduated from the University of Washington with fellow iePlexus writer Liz Herrin, also majoring in Creative Writing. Curbing aspirations of becoming J.R.R. Tolkien’s successor, Scott now writes for a paycheck. In his spare time, Scott enjoys gaming, listening to hip-hop music, and planning coups against the Director of Marketing.
Sarah Crowley | Writer
Sarah is also a Seattle native who will take clouds and rain over hot and humid any day. Sarah has a BA in Journalism from Western Washington University and an MA in Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Oklahoma. Sarah spent the last year finishing her thesis and writing pop-culture feature stories. In her spare time she enjoys yoga and dirty martinis. Sarah currently resides in Ballard with her cat Monkey Joe. Sarah is no longer with iePlexus.

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