You Better Not Cry, Cyber Monday Is Coming to Town

Most holiday-crazed shoppers are familiar with the term “Black Friday.” But for those out-of-the-loop consumers, it’s the first Friday after Thanksgiving, and it marks the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season. Not as many people, however, are familiar with the altogether newer term “Cyber Monday.” While Black Friday demarcates the beginning of shopping in brick and mortar stores, Cyber Monday – the Monday following Black Friday – is an indication of when online shopping picks up for the season.

And whether you’re a shopper or the founder of an online business, here’s what to expect from Cyber Monday:

-Expect holiday advertising to start now. Even if you’re not ready to think about Rudolph and twinkle lights, online businesses need to start advertising now. Even more so than physical stores, online stores need to start early, because they must allow enough time for search engines to pick up on their new promotion.

-Expect the word “free” to pop up more and more. In anticipation of the influx of online holiday shoppers, websites are offering promotions such as free shipping or limited time discounts in order to capitalize on the increased traffic.

-Expect merchandise packages. Online stores know holiday shoppers are usually looking to purchase multiple items, and you bet they’re going to make use of that fact. Expect advertising and promotions to be geared towards getting multiple items in your online shopping cart.

And lastly, expect Cyber Monday to have a real impact this year. More so than ever, people are looking for a good deal. “Bad economy” seems to be the buzz term of the year, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting business. In light of this situation, make sure your online business does whatever it can to entice the site’s visitors. And if you’re a shopper, make sure to compare prices. There’s sure to be some good deals out there.

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