Murdoch Strikes At Google Again…

It’s been awhile since we first heard Rupert Murdoch that he would block News Corp. websites off the search engines, particularly Google.  And since nothing has happened within the past 5 months, Murdoch warned the world again over the weekend that his sites will no longer be available to the search engines.   .

“We are going to stop people like Google or Microsoft or whoever from taking stories for nothing . . . there is a law of copyright and they recognise it,” Murdoch said according to Paul Harris who attended the National Press Club.

Murdoch continued to add, “They take [news content] for nothing.  They have got this very clever business model.”

This doesn’t mean much since we’ve been waiting for this for several months now.  Murdoch did not mention when he would actually have his sites take off the search engines, which Google has said they would gladly take off if Murdoch asked them too.  Some think that his statements might have hurt him a bit in the end since he’s done nothing but make threats thus far.

None of the search engines have made any announcements since Murdoch’s treat over the weekend, but time will tell what will happen. 

Do you think if Rupert Murdoch takes News Corp. websites (Fox News, Wall Street Journal, MySpace, & Sky News just to name a few) will hurt Murdoch’s corporation or do you think more damage will be done to search engines like Google & Bing? Let us know in the comment box below!

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