You Better Not Pout…SEO is Comin’ to Town

With economic troubles the focus of news reports across the nation, there appears to be a correlated trend in the world of search engine optimization (SEO). And that trend involves an increased interest in the practice.

While no simple list can explain this phenomenon, here are some possible reasons that SEO has found itself in the limelight in light of economic troubles.

Sales: The internet offers companies an amazing potential for income. For that reason, the urge to drive traffic to your site increases exponentially when the economy—and consequently sales—are down.

Timing: Economic downturns offer companies a lull in activity. With the decreased activity, it’s a logical time to rework your business plan. For many companies who aren’t already utilizing SEO, it’s the perfect time to start.

Stigma: Until recently, there was a very real crowd of individuals who considered SEO (for lack of a better acronym) BS. But as companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, and Google embrace the practice, and other companies mount evidence of its success, it grows increasingly difficult to dismiss the practice.

Cost-Effectiveness: While you might shell out some initial money to rework your website into a more search engine-friendly entity, that’s nothing compared to the cost of print advertising. When financial times are tough, people are bound to find cost-effective avenues such as SEO.

If your company is feeling the effects of a struggling economy, SEO might just find itself center stage at your next budget meeting or revised marketing plan. But SEO isn’t just for tough times. Remember that SEO can improve a business in any economic climate.

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