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winmo-phonesThere is a pretty good chance you know several people with an iPhone or Blackberry.  The iPhone, known for all the apps and being able to connect with anyone just about anywhere, is a great tool to use in the world of social media.  The Blackberry, a more business professional phone, also has apps and connects owners with their social networking sites.  Well there are 3 new phone devices expected to hit the market that will keep users even closer to their social networks more then they are now.

1. Motorola Droid

motoroladroidFirst up, Motorola’s much anticipated Droid.  Motorola announced that they will release their brand new Droid phone with Verizon Wireless on November 6.  This smart-phone will offer a voice-activated search that will allow users to say or ask anything they would be wanting to search for and the Google-powered search engine will deliver Web results or results from the device itself using contacts, photos and music.  Google announced Wednesday morning that they would be offer a voice search that works with a new turn-by-turn directions app for Google Maps. Drivers who use the device, will be able to view current traffic, satellite views of their route, street-view directions and alternative routes.  Google’s app store is also expected to grow rapidly with the release of the new phone.


2. Vodafone 360

Vodafone-360-Samsung-H1_02Next we head to England, where on October 30, Vodafone, a British phone carrier released a new user interface device called the Vodafone 360.  The 360 allows users to stay in constant touch with their Facebook and Twitter friends because it will put social networks on the home screen of the phone.  The phone arrange users’ contacts, so they’ll be able to reach any person with a phone call, tweet, IM, text or any other social networking way.  They are also able to send their current location so others can find them and meet up.  Vodafone, is hoping to bring together a wide variety of social media and aims to be more attractive to users than the iPhone and Blackberry.  The phone is expected to do very well according to several early reports. 

3. TwitterPeek

41cqlVwPVKL__AA280_And finally, it looks just like a smart-phone but this is anything but.  It’s an exclusive Twitter mobile device called the TwitterPeek.  Peek, the manufacture has stated on that you’ll be able to “Twitter better with TwitterPeek, the most exciting way to experience Twitter on-the-go.”  Yes, it’s a mobile device that you can actually tweet from.  It does seem a bit pointless, since most people can tweet from their phones for free.  However, Peek will not charge a monthly fee for the use of the TwitterPeek.  The best part however, is that you don’t need to be connected to the Internet or wifi to use the device.  It will automatically just pull in your Twitter feed.   There is no scheduled relesased date yet, however you can pre-order your TwitterPeek on Amazon.


All of the devices will cost $199 with contact, if applicale.

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