Google Turning Into A Social Media

googlebuzzAt about 10:30AM PST, Bradley Horowitz, Google’s Vice President for product Management announced in a press conference that Google will open it’s own social media known as Google Buzz.

Horowitz brought on Todd Jackson, product manager for Google Buzz, to actually introduce the product.  Google Buzz with be integrated with G-mail accounts as Jackson called it “an entire new world.”

He first introduced 5 key’s that make up Google Buzz.  Those being, auto-following, a fast sharing experience, both public and private sharing, inbox integration and finally, “just the good stuff.”

Here’s how Google Buzz Will work.  The next time you log into Gmail, you’ll be welcomed by a page introducing Google Buzz, and a link to the area will be on the tab right below the inbox and labeled as “Buzz.” 

There, you’ll find links to social networks including Picasa, Twitter, Flickr, and other sites are aggregated.  At this time Facebook is not integrated.  Thumbnails from photos on Picasa and Flicker will show and by clicking on a photo, the image will blow up and fill up most of your browser, which will essentially make it easier to scan through yours and your friends photos. 

Gmail users currently have shortcuts to use.  For example, by simply hitting “R”, you’ll be able to comment to the buzz post.  Google is on top of privacy settings already.  According to, “They want to make sure you don’t miss comments, so it has a system to send you an email letting you know about updates. However, the email will actually show you the Buzz you’ve created and all of the comments and images associated with it.” 

Any comments will also update in real time, which has proven to be a great feautre on both Facebook & Twitter. 

The new social network will also recommend people that you don’t follow so that you’ll see additional buzzes and other things going on.  There will also be a setting, to remove this feature in the settings. 

You’ll also be able to access through your mobile phone as well.  There are three different ways.  Google’s mobile website will work for most phones, while if you have an iPhone or and Andriod, you’ll have to go to Buzz., and Google Mobile.  Buzz will find your location and try to figure out what building you are in and will actually ask if the guess is correct.  By using voice recognition to confirm your location, it’ll be posted directly onto your buzz in real-time for all your friends.  You can also check to see if any of your friends are nearby. 

Google Buzz went live at 11 am.  Being a half hour old, it’s hard to tell if it has potential but the quick views and reaction from Twitter users has been fairly positive.  Look for a full review with in the next few days.

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