All A-Twitter for New Features

If you thought Facebook and YouTube held court over the social media community, don’t forget that Twitter is also rapidly growing in popularity. For anyone out of the Twitter loop, the program is a free social networking service based around user updates, or “tweets.” Users can both create and read these tweets, which are limited to 140 characters. If you’re already a member of that community and want to maximize its benefits, check out some of these user-approved Twitter tools.

TweetWheel: Although the end results end up looking somewhat like a virtual spirograph, the application is actually quite interesting. Every one of your “followers” is placed on a circle and differently colored lines connect who knows who.

Who Should I Follow: No surprises here—this tool helps you decide who to track. The application allows you to view a list of all your followers who you aren’t following back. You can even filter them according to physical location and popularity.

Twerpscan: The opposite of “Who Should i Follow,” Twerpscan points out the followers you might be better off blocking.

Summize: The latest tool for searching on Twitter, Summize is noted for being the fastest and most stable. Enter a search term and find all the Tweets containing that term.

And if you’re just looking to waste a little bit of time in the Twitter world, check out Twistori—an anonymous message board built around the phrases I love, hate, think, believe, feel, and wish.

And if you’re a Twitter fanatic, I’d keep my eyes open for even more new features. As the community expands, there are bound to be more and more innovations to the site.


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